Sicilian Salad recipe with Cajun seasoning

Sicilian Salad

To prepare this refreshing Sicilian salad, start by dicing ripe avocados and colorful tomatoes, then thinly slice purple onions and mini cucumbers. Toss all the produce in a bowl seasoned with Frugé Premium Cajun Seasoning, layering in salt and black pepper, and dress with a blend of Sicilian extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, and balsamic vinegar to taste.

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Recipe for Smothered Turnip Greens with a dash of Cajun seasoning

Smothered Turnip Greens

A recipe is for Smothered Turnip Greens, which involves sautéing onions, ham, and sausage, then adding turnip bulbs and layering greens and onions in a pot with butter, seasonings, and bouillon-infused hot water. The dish is cooked down, sweetened with honey, and simmered for an extended period before final seasoning adjustments and serving.

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This recipe of Louisiana Crawfish Etouffeé is one of simplicity. The natural flavors that merge together with our Frugé Premium Cajun Seasoning® bring about a subtly delicious dish, with an ever so gentle sweetness from the crawfish tails. This recipe calls for no thickening agents like corn starch, resulting in a smooth crawfish melody over

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