Shrimp Mold

New Orleans Style Shrimp Mold

Growing up with family in New Orleans, a shrimp mold was a standard staple for any holiday or life milestone. My grandfather would pick up fresh Gulf shrimp, my grandmother would boil the shrimp, and then she would prepare this recipe that same evening to chill overnight. Served as an appetizer, it is sure to make great waves with your guest’s taste buds! The smooth texture of the dip along with the crunch of the fresh celery, the fresh taste of Shrimp that just jumped right out the Gulf, and the balance of our Frugé Premium Cajun Seasoning® makes for a starter dish that everyone is sure to enjoy! We hope that with this dish, you begin to weave the same tight knit memories of family gatherings as we enjoyed over the years.

Tomato soup, can 1
Cream cheese, low fat, 8oz packs 2
Shrimp, boiled, diced small 2 pounds
Mayonnaise, low fat 1 cup
Worchester sauce 2 teaspoon
Hot sauce 1 teaspoon
Green onion (diced) ½ cup
Celery (finely diced) 1 cup
Red pepper to taste, 2 teaspoons
Frugé Premium Cajun Seasoning® 1 tablespoon
Bourbon or Cooking Sherry 2 tablespoons
Lemon Juice, fresh 2 tablespoons
Shrimp stock 3/4 cup
Gelatin 2 small packs
Horseradish 3 TB
Crackers 1 Box

If you boiled your own shrimp, save the shrimp stock to use later in the recipe. If you purchased your shrimp boiled, peel the shrimp and put all of the peelings & heads in a separate pot filled with 2 cups of water. Add the Bourbon / Cooking Sherry, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, and a few fresh celery stalk leaves for flavor. Boil with a lid while you prepare the rest of the recipe.

On low heat combine the tomato soup and the cream cheese. Raise the heat below medium and stir until the cheese melts, and then reduce the heat. Add the mayonnaise, Worchester, hot sauce, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, and green onion. Stir well.

Stir in the celery, red pepper, garlic salt, horse radish. Cook on low heat for 5 minutes. Dice the boiled shrimp up into small pieces (the size of pepper corns) and add to the soup & cheese mixture. Take the ¾ cup shrimp stock in a separate bowl and vigorously whisk in the gelatin. Once well mixed, combine with the heated mixture. Stir very well during this process.

Use a bunt pan, design mold, or large glass bowl as your mold. Be sure to coat the mold with olive oil, so the mold does not stick. Pour the mixture into the mold and cover with plastic wrap. Place in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

Remove from the fridge. Hold tight and shake the pan vigorously all around to loosen up the mold! Place the plate or platter on top of the mold and quickly turn upside down, so the mold falls onto the plate. Sometimes it takes a while until the mold comes out. You may also have to use a spatula on the edges before flipping over on the plate. You can now garnish with fresh parsley or fresh thyme, and a cut lemon. Serve with crackers or fresh vegetables for dipping.

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